Secret on way

2015-02-28 02:05:34 by Jaxmech

Welp.. A little project should be posted on here eventually... Maybe I can get it done in a month..... But I hope that you guys and gals will enjoy it.... Smiles

Project super fun comic....

2015-01-10 19:01:20 by Jaxmech

Welp having lots of fun finnishing up a few of the concepts of my super duper lame comic....... It's to my liking... Hopefully at least one other person finds it half amusing..... Haha.... My first page should be posted soon.... And hopefully I can inspire some people..... Haha 

New project.... Haha

2014-09-03 00:49:19 by Jaxmech


Well then I've started a project a while back and it's starting to come along very nicely, can't wait to get it done,(I hope I can). Even if others don't like it I know that I do haha..... If this one does well then I'll be able to make more videos for the other ones aswell.... Haha.... Can't wait to share it with all of you...


2013-04-05 11:59:00 by Jaxmech

Well Now I'll have to see what I should work on for my first animation on this account........ Things I can post.....
Demons, girls, ripped dudes or complex torment.... This will apply to art.. But animation takes for ever so. Lets begin...